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BUGS and PFSD:Two Microcaps Rise Through Colaboration

Under strong speculation, Bio-Microbics (BUGS) began a strong ascent in June. A planned press release sent the stock up a good ways, adding to this month's total growth of over 400%. The awaited PR announced yesterday that Bio-Microbics will be joining forces with Pacific Sands, Inc. (PFSD) to produce a product that could benefit victims of the Gulf Oil Spill. Pacific Sands has also benefited from this arrangement, climbing over 150% in a weeks' time.


Risk is based on the exposure of, in this case, your money, to jeopardy. While penny stocks have excellent potential returns, this is due to the riskiness of such stocks. Investing is not a game, although the excitment makes people lose sight of why they are investing. In short, the biggest potential risk is greed.


The first thing you should do when deciding on how to proceed with investing is to take a careful look at your finances. Do not risk what you do have for what you could get, unless a loss won't put you too far behind. Never trade when you could get into serious trouble if you lose.


There is a lot to gain from investing. It is often you hear of investors making fortunes out of meager investments. We cannot guarantee that you will make huge winning, but we're going to try. We have a professional staff doing research every day to find the winners you should invest in, before they go up in price.


Most risks involving penny stocks can be broken down into several categories: Information, Volatility, No Standards and No liquidity. Each has their own set of problems and plays a part in why penny stocks are difficult for investors.

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Penny stocks are often considered to be stocks that are traded for under $5 a share. Penny stocks have become popular because of their potential to bring in massive gains with little investment (imagine a 10 cent share rising to $10.00). On the other hand, penny stocks have also been known to be unpopular due to the risks involved such as lack of corporate transparency and stock volatility due to stock promotion and pump and dump schemes. Buying a penny stock is not unlike buying a regular stock; the main difference is that penny stocks trade on different market exchanges so one will need to know where their stock of interest is trading before setting up an order. Furthermore, penny stock traders are not slowed down by strict requirements when it comes to trading their shares.


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